Julia Clukey receiving Olymp-n Maine license plate.
Julia Clukey receiving OLYMP-N Maine license plate.

We’re Promoting Responsibility

Maine distributors are an important part of the state’s regulated distribution system. In addition to their distribution services, members of the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors promote individual responsibility with their products.

MBWD’s current responsibility campaign, featuring Olympian Julia Clukey, is designed to communicate that alcohol is a unique product that requires regulation and responsibility.

As parents, neighbors and employers, Maine distributors care about our local communities. We continue to support many initiatives that make Maine an even better place to live, work and play.

Promoting responsibility with Maine Olympian Julia Clukey.The Maine Beer & Wine Distributors have partnered with Maine Olympian Julia Clukey to be actively involved in MBWD’s responsibility campaign. Julia is currently scheduling school presentations as part of her “Julia Inspires” campaign. Her presentation includes a four-minute video about her career, followed by the presentation that focuses on encouraging students to find their passion, create a plan and go after their dreams. At the end of the 20-minute presentation, she takes questions and then provides an autograph session and interacts with all the students. In total, the presentation is scheduled for 60 minutes. In 2017, Julia will also be presenting the Julia Clukey Courage Award at each school she visits. To learn more about the award, click here.

The presentations are designed for high schools and middle schools in Maine. To date, Julia has presented at more than 60 schools across the state, from Sanford to Caribou, reaching more than 20,000 Maine students. Click here to request a high school presentation in Maine from Olympian Julia Clukey for the 2017 school year.